Thursday, November 5, 2009


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's October!! BOW HUNTING

I haven't gotten a thing.
My Dad and Brother are killing machines.
Oh well, at least I have my Mutton Chops

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bay City

Last weekend we spent at the Bay City State Park. Ellie got pretty excited about the fish as you can see. Elijah was more interested in Bumpa (Grandpa). We spent a lot of time in Saginaw Bay bay but it was all worth it because we came home with our limit of Walleye.
On the way home we stopped at Bronners. Elijah was pretty excited to see the 20 foot tall Owl.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Silver Lake

Here are a few pictures from our Memorial Day Weekend. As you can see there was a lot of sleeping.

To answer a few questions that you might have....... Yes that is Jace taking a nap in the Shower, and the first picture is my neighbor walking up her driveway in a "Cow" nighty. I realize that it doesn't make sense to post it with our Silver Lake pictures but I didn't want anyone to miss this great photo. I'll Upload it to Winkflash if anyone is interested in getting a copy for themselves.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Mr. President

This is worth the 3 minutes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

picture perfect...even better

so chad and i braught elijah and elizabeth over to chads brother and sister in laws house and had some amazing pictures taken of our kids. we had a little fun with elizabeth as you can tell. check them out on marc photography on our blog list! thanks so much andrew and tiffany, we had so much fun!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

picture perfect

so i promised some pictures...

here she is ready to make the trip home!

we had an excited little helper waiting for us at home!

too cute if you ask me...she is laying on a boppy covered with a blanket

um what can i say...

so if you think that she is huge...well she is, she is getting way too big!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


we are all alive! ...and not to meantion home! yay!! this past tuesday we were able to take elizabeth home. it was a very wonderful day to say the least. everything went so smooth in bringing her home. everyone seems to be adjusting to the little one just fine. she doesnt make a whole lot of noise around here so its like shes not even here. every five minutes elijah has to find "baby" and be "gentle". he seems to love her more than we do. its very precious! she had a check up at the doctor on friday and everything looked great. she gained 4oz. which is so wonderful because that was one of the problems with her not coming home. she weighs a total of 5lb. 10oz. now. chad and i both do not want her to get any bigger, she is just so cute how she is. just a side note, i am doing fine. its definitely a challenge to feed a child every three hours, doctors orders and not have your own schedule but thats ok. like i said we are still alive. i also just wanted to thank everyone that has been praying the past two months for elizabeth and i, we have seen God work mightily in a lot of different areas and continue to see Him work everyday. thank you so much!! (pictures will be coming soon)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Partially home

Well most of the family made it back home today, Elizabeth is the exception. Elijah was pretty happy to have everyone back together, but not nearly as excited as our little dog who spent that past three days alone.

Amber is doing especailly well considering that she had to leave her 2 day old daughter in the hospital. And Elizabeth is doing okay as well. Believe it or not we are actually praying for her to poop. The only thing we are waiting for is her eating and pooping. As soon as all that gets started we should be able to take her home. They are very careful not to say when they think she might be ready to come home, just because they don't want us to get our hopes too high. But until then we'll just be enjoying our full nights of rest!

Also- Elizabeth is going to get her 15 min. of fame a little early. The Holland Sentinel is going to publish a story about her....... it's actually about her getting a free book from the library but still-- pretty neat.

Thanks agian to everyone

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Video

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth Marie Kraker
Born 9:07am Feb 17
5 LBS 6 OZ
Mom is doing great!

Elizabeth started out having a hard time breathing, and had to have a little bit of Oxygen. She is already done with that but is still having a bit of trouble eating. Both of these aren't a huge surprise considering that she was a month early. Thank you all for your prayers. I will update this hopefully tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cute...hairy...little...33...clean house, thanks!!

we had to have an ultrasound yesterday, specialist orders, and everything looks great. the lady that does the ultrasounds said that she is very cute. i couldnt see it but i took her word for it because shes been doing this for 17 years. she also said that she has lots of hair. im looking forward to that, hahaha! she is weighing in at 4lbs. and 2oz. this is a little underweight but still ok. we will still be going through with delivery if i go into labor anytime. i made it to 33 weeks and the doctor does not forsee me going into labor for another two weeks. God answers prayer, thank you so much for praying!!

...another special thanks to my mom k and tammy for coming to clean my house. does anyone know how hard it is to have someone clean their house and know that you could be doing it, oof!! its not fun watching thats for sure!! thank you so much mom and tam!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

32 weeks.....three years already!

im on full bed rest now and not loving it. the only part i like is the fact that i can rest whenever i want to but that doesnt make things easier. i had a doctors appointment last week and i am not quite a 1 and 70% effaced. i really would like to make it to 34 weeks, which is on febuary 2. so please please pray!! 32 weeks is a huge mile stone in development but at 34 weeks i am able to deliver closer to home and she can stay closer to home also.
another lil tid bit... chad and i have been married for three years today. wow. time flies like none other. im still in complete love and owe of the man that i said yes to and learn too many new things on a daily basis about him. hes been a real trooper through this whole ordeal with the one safe inside and for that i am so thankful. his last words out the door this morning were "dont do anything". what kind of a husband says that, hahaha!? i love him sooo much!! (who in the world cries when they are writing a blog? maybe only prego ones huh? hahaha!!)

Monday, January 12, 2009


God is good all the time!! so i keep telling myself that. i have to relax and its not too much fun right now. please pray that God would give me a sense of peace so that i can relax.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

special thanks!!

so im not the type of person that will ask for help. id rather go nuts than ask! so my dear sister in law tammy came over today and cleaned my entire house. um, she said i didnt have an option of saying no and chad is now making me not refuse help. she is a little crazy because she likes to shows, she did a wonderful job and i owe her big time!! thank you so much tam!! ...and for any of you that want to help you might just have to show up too. and even more, i would love your company!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new little boy...sleeping inside

if you didnt notice we have a new little boy in our family...or wait that is elijah!! dah dah decided it best to give him a hair cut and i must say he did a really nice job. not to meantion his very first attempt at any hair cut in his life. needless to say i was a little on edge. for the sake of elijahs short temper and the fact that it might not look the greatest. he proved me wrong and it looks like we have a new little boy that is getting bigger and bigger every day.

so we decided it would be a good idea if we tried to get elijah to sleep in a big boy bed... this is the first night! i wanted to check on him and see if he was ok...and yes he is sleeping under his bed. so we moved him to a different spot in his room and he has slept there ever since.

and just a little update on the little girl inside... she is now 30 weeks and 1 day! you might think im crazy for putting the 1 day on there but when you might go into preterm labor every day counts for a lot of reasons. as my last post stated i am still not able to do much but now i really cant do anything. i am going a little insane with a messy house and a little stir crazy. but other than that im doing good knowing that she is safe inside! thank you so much for the prayers and i hope you will continue to pray that we might make it to at least 34 weeks. that goal is on febuary 2!

......and a little happy birthday to a special friend in utah!!