Thursday, February 19, 2009

Partially home

Well most of the family made it back home today, Elizabeth is the exception. Elijah was pretty happy to have everyone back together, but not nearly as excited as our little dog who spent that past three days alone.

Amber is doing especailly well considering that she had to leave her 2 day old daughter in the hospital. And Elizabeth is doing okay as well. Believe it or not we are actually praying for her to poop. The only thing we are waiting for is her eating and pooping. As soon as all that gets started we should be able to take her home. They are very careful not to say when they think she might be ready to come home, just because they don't want us to get our hopes too high. But until then we'll just be enjoying our full nights of rest!

Also- Elizabeth is going to get her 15 min. of fame a little early. The Holland Sentinel is going to publish a story about her....... it's actually about her getting a free book from the library but still-- pretty neat.

Thanks agian to everyone

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Video

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth Marie Kraker
Born 9:07am Feb 17
5 LBS 6 OZ
Mom is doing great!

Elizabeth started out having a hard time breathing, and had to have a little bit of Oxygen. She is already done with that but is still having a bit of trouble eating. Both of these aren't a huge surprise considering that she was a month early. Thank you all for your prayers. I will update this hopefully tomorrow.