Wednesday, March 18, 2009

picture perfect

so i promised some pictures...

here she is ready to make the trip home!

we had an excited little helper waiting for us at home!

too cute if you ask me...she is laying on a boppy covered with a blanket

um what can i say...

so if you think that she is huge...well she is, she is getting way too big!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


we are all alive! ...and not to meantion home! yay!! this past tuesday we were able to take elizabeth home. it was a very wonderful day to say the least. everything went so smooth in bringing her home. everyone seems to be adjusting to the little one just fine. she doesnt make a whole lot of noise around here so its like shes not even here. every five minutes elijah has to find "baby" and be "gentle". he seems to love her more than we do. its very precious! she had a check up at the doctor on friday and everything looked great. she gained 4oz. which is so wonderful because that was one of the problems with her not coming home. she weighs a total of 5lb. 10oz. now. chad and i both do not want her to get any bigger, she is just so cute how she is. just a side note, i am doing fine. its definitely a challenge to feed a child every three hours, doctors orders and not have your own schedule but thats ok. like i said we are still alive. i also just wanted to thank everyone that has been praying the past two months for elizabeth and i, we have seen God work mightily in a lot of different areas and continue to see Him work everyday. thank you so much!! (pictures will be coming soon)