Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new little boy...sleeping where...safe inside

if you didnt notice we have a new little boy in our family...or wait that is elijah!! dah dah decided it best to give him a hair cut and i must say he did a really nice job. not to meantion his very first attempt at any hair cut in his life. needless to say i was a little on edge. for the sake of elijahs short temper and the fact that it might not look the greatest. he proved me wrong and it looks like we have a new little boy that is getting bigger and bigger every day.

so we decided it would be a good idea if we tried to get elijah to sleep in a big boy bed... this is the first night! i wanted to check on him and see if he was ok...and yes he is sleeping under his bed. so we moved him to a different spot in his room and he has slept there ever since.

and just a little update on the little girl inside... she is now 30 weeks and 1 day! you might think im crazy for putting the 1 day on there but when you might go into preterm labor every day counts for a lot of reasons. as my last post stated i am still not able to do much but now i really cant do anything. i am going a little insane with a messy house and a little stir crazy. but other than that im doing good knowing that she is safe inside! thank you so much for the prayers and i hope you will continue to pray that we might make it to at least 34 weeks. that goal is on febuary 2!

......and a little happy birthday to a special friend in utah!!


Sarah said...

Elijah looks like such a big boy with the new cute hair cut! I remember when Sam got his first haircut and it gave him such an older look too. It's a bittersweet moment. Hey, let me know if you want some help cleaning your house...I work in Zeeland, so I could stop by any afternoon to help you out.

Bryan and Katy Kraker said...

I want the curls back!! And never fear Amber we are coming soon to clean!

Steve and Heather Sanders said...

He is so cute! I wish we lived closer, I'd come keep you company and clean for you! Thanks for the happy birthday! We're still praying that little sister stays inside!

Jeremy & Jenna said...

glad to hear things are looking good!

Carla said...

I only have Thurs. but can bring supper anytime.Thurs I'll make Chad some of that canned venison but don't tell him