Friday, July 2, 2010

Easton and More

Easton is doing great, and so is his Mom. Elijah and Elizabeth adaped quite well too. Elijah is pretty protective, he'll try and steal Easton from you if your holdig him and he'll not be happy with you at all if you try and leave the house while holding him. Elizabeth isn't so protective, she just likes to poke Eastons eyes. She has her own little box that she can stand on so she can watch Easton sleep, and she doesn't get sick of just staring at him. Easton himself, he just sleeps and eats.
Jillisa is leaving for home on Saturday morning, it'll be sad. We sure did enjoy and appreciate all her help. I can't help but think that Easton was a full term baby because of her help. The Kids are going to miss her a ton, and I (Chad) might even miss having her around too.
Last night Gandpa and Gradma Kleinheksel took us all out on the new pontoon boat. It was a great night, especially for Elijah who got to pee into the lake. (He loved it)
Have a great Holiday weekend!

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The Velderman's said...

Cute pictures!! I'm glad everyone is doing well and adapting well! LOVE that Elijah is cute!