Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This past Sunday we took a trip to Binder Zoo. I spent the morning harassing Amber about being ready on time, which didn't happen. We left about 9 minutes behind schedule. Luckily I misread the zoo hours off the internet, and forgot to take into account that google maps gives drive times are for people who drive 15 MPH under the speed limit. So we ened up playing in the parking lot for an hour and a half before the gates opened. At least we weren't greeted by a Wally World Style Moose and we didn't end up touring the zoo alone with a gun to someones head. Once we were in, everything went great. Enjoy the photo's


The Velderman's said...

We were thinking about doing that some Wednesday when Jer has off. Is it worth checking out??

Looks like you guys had fun...oh...and after you harrassed Amber about being late, I hope she gave you a big I told you so when you got there :-)

Carla said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

Chad and Amber Kraker said...

Yeah, it was worth the trip. Pretty inexpensive, too. Just make sure you go on a some what cool day. We timed everything about perfect, but there were a few animals we didn't get to until it was 85 deg. out and by then they are all laying down and hiding.